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Beginners Course

Stock market trading is the best way to achieve financial goals. If you want to learn trading or investing in the stock market, join a beginners course at our stock market academy . We have designed this course to help you become a professional trader or an investor. It will give you a great insight into the functioning of the capital market, and become familiar with the financial jargons such as IPOs, equities, technical analysis of the stock market, fundamental analysis of stocks, understanding stock charts, and financial planning.

Course Objective
Every person wants to earn money for a better life after retirement, children's education or marriage, to buy a home, and make a foreign tour. Our course is designed with this objective in mind. We want you to gain theoretical and practical knowledge for wealth creations. If you're a beginner in the stock market, this course is for you.

Our beginners course will introduce you to the techniques of assessing and minimizing the risk of stock investment, understand the financial health of companies by reading and interpreting their profit and loss statement and balance sheet. It will also help you understand when to entry and exit the stock market, the ups and downs in the market, the techniques to use for trading and investing. 

In case you're an experienced investor, we have different stock market courses in Pune for you.

Course Benefits
Our aim for starting the share market training in khanapur is to help you leverage the potential of the stock market for wealth creations. By completing this course successfully, you'll become an expert in analyzing the stock market, making financial planning, identifying best performing stocks, minimizing risk, and using the best techniques for trading or investing.

Topics Covered
Basic to Advance Syllabus

1. Basic of share Market

2. What is Saving? What is insurance?

3. What is investment?

4. What is share & share Holders?

5. Types of share. Right of share Holders

6. Different Index

7. Sensex & Nifty

8. Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap

9. What is D-mat Account?

10. Types of D-mat Account

11. Primary & secondary Market

12. Various stock exchanges in india

13. What is Brokerage and how calculate it?

14. What is Intra-day, Delivery STBT, BTST?

Equity Market

1. Overall Basics of Equity Share Market

2. Intra-Day Training / Delivery Trading

3. Short Sell Position

4. Buy Stop Loss

5. Market Order

6. Insider Trading

7. Price of Share Face Value

8. Benefits of Equity Share Market

9. Stop Loss and Target

10. Selling Stop Loss

11. Limit Order

Derivatives Future Market

1. What is Derivatives ?

2. What is Future Market ?

3. Expire Date and Contracts 

4. Margin Amount for Intra-day

5. Margin Amount for Carry Forward

6. Index Future

7. Stock Future


Beginners Course